Apr 30

Post from mobile app

Its been to long since I have updated and upload any post. My passiveness is on rise and I definitely need some inspiration for myself.

I was browsing my apps in mobile. Suddenly I notice the app to post on my website, which I had installed lately thinking it will bust up my feed. which didn’t happened actually.
While I was typing on keyboard on mobile, I had pretty hard time to find comma (,) on keyboard. After several trial I did manage to find hidden symbol.

The Google Hindi input method is also a cool feature in key board so I gave a trial. This is how it works:

म नेपाली टाईप गर्दै छुं।
तपाई वेबमा बसेर नेपाली टाईप गर्न चाहनुहुन्छ भने,
go to technology>nepali unicode.

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    tnx for info!!

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