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Lumbini candle walk 2011

On the grand occasion of Tourism year 2011, Buddhist youth committee had organized the candle walk program in Lumbini (the birth place of Buddha), on 16th of falgun(28th feb 2011) from Shanti Dip to Ashok Pillar to prevail peace in whole world. This program was small step to promote Lumbini as a religious, historic as well as national and international tourist destination as a birth place of Buddha. This program was dedicated to encourage all Buddhist and non- Buddhist community to visit Lumbini as a common village of peace.

The program had targeted to involve District officer, local authorities, different embassies, media houses and LDT (Lumbini Development Trust) by sending bruisers and letters and pamphlet in different places to inform people about the program. About 30 enthusiastic participators from Katmandu valley were participated in the program.

The program started with the slogan “to promote and invite people from around the world to visit- our pride our identity-the Lumbini”. On 27th feb, the premises of lumbini such as Lumbini garden, Kapilvasyu, Taulihawa, Niglihawa, Kudan (Jagadishpur), Buddhist monasteries, Devdaha and many other places were visited on the guidance of Mr.Rabindra (president of BYC) and the specialist of Lumbini Mr. Sunil (reporter of Nepal Samachar Patra & Indeft newspaper) had briefed, described details of Lumbini and other historic places.


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