Sep 02

What do you want to be?

A Manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary.

An Entrepreneur is someone who has the skills, passion and financial backing to create wealth from new business opportunities and is willing to take full responsibility for its success or failure.

An Intrapreneur is someone who manages that business with entrepreneurial flare in line with the expectations of the shareholders.


Traditional Managers Entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs
Primary motives Promotion and other traditional corporate rewards, such as office, staff and power Independence, opportunity to create, and money Independence and ability to advance in the corporate rewards
Time orientation Short term- meeting quotas and budgets, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and the annual planning horizon Survival and achieving 5-10 year growth of business Between entrepreneurial and traditional managers, depending on urgency to meet self-imposed and corporate timetable
Activity Delegates and supervises more than direct involvement Direct involvement Direct involvement more than delegation
Risk Careful Moderate risk taker Moderate risk taker
Relationship with others Hierarchy as basic relationship Transactions and deal making as basic relationship Transactions within hirearchy
Status Concerned about status symbols No concern about status symbols Not concerned about traditional status symbols- desires independence
Failure and Mistakes Tries to avoid mistakes and surprises Deals with mistakes and failures Attempts to hide risky projects from view until ready
Decisions Usually agrees with those in upper management positions Follows dream with decisions Able to get others to agree to help achieve dream
Who serves Others Self and customers Self, customers and sponsors
Family history Family members worked for large organizations Entrepreneurial small-business, professional, or farm background Entrepreneurial small-business, professional or farm background

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