Sep 03

Lets start ABCD once again….

Whatever your idea is, subject it first to the “A” element:
Anticipate objections. Ask yourself who is likely to offer what objections to the plan you will propose. Once you’ve identified the individuals and the specific negative reactions you’re likely to encounter, you can take steps to prepare yourself for the persuading you’ll have to do. Cite precedents as part of your persuasion effort. Also arm yourself with statistics to strengthen your position. Finally, garner support—ideally you can quote someone in senior management—and let the resisters know how widespread the approval for your plan actually is.

The “B” aspect of this approach asks you to “Benefitize”—
i.e., to list all the benefits for various individuals and groups if your project is implemented. The WIIFM Factor (“What’s in It for Me?”) exerts powerful influence on those you may be trying to
win over. Again, whenever possible, cite figures to substantiate the advantages of your proposal.
Many plans never get beyond the planning stage because planners fail to take into account all the individuals and things that might be impacted by the plan, once implemented.

The “C” part of the ABCD plan asks you to Categorize—to think of all the individuals, departments, groups, schedules, budgets, publicity, locations, etc. that you need to consider and take care of. You should spend as much time on this aspect of initiating a leadership project as you spend on actually developing the project. Not until you’ve spent considerable time, energy, and effort on the first three letters of the ABCD Approach should you start the final stage.

“D” means Develop your plans.
As you do so, don’t hesitate to do your homework. Talk to others who may have undertaken an equally ambitious project in the past. Read as much as you can, surf the Net, and subject your plan to the scrutiny of several people whose opinion you respect. Once you’ve fully developed the plan of action, begin to implement it, assigning to the members of your team the tasks best suited to their individual talents.

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