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Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are people whose creativity and drive open up major new possibilities in education, health, the environment, and other areas of human need. Just as business entrepreneurs lead innovation in commerce, social entrepreneurs drive social change.

  • Someone who adopts a mission to create and sustain social values.
  • Someone who constantly pursues new opportunities to serve a particular social mission
  • Someone who is engaged in a continuous process of creative destruction, i.e. innovation, adaptation and learning.
  • Someone who takes accountability to the constituencies served and the outcomes created

Why Social Entrepreneurship?

  • These methodologies focus on results that can be measured enabling a group to see how successful its work is. Then take corrective action if the “desired results” are not being achieved.
  • NOTE: Many businesses do not practice to these methods their loss
  • These methodologies work. Speaking from both research and practical experience, business methodologies, if implemented correctly, are extremely effective for getting things done.

Why should entrepreneurship matter to non-profits?

B.F. Skinner, the Harvard Psychologist and father of Behaviorism once said that knowledge is that which remains after all you have been taught has been forgotten.

Think diffrently

  • Two boys walking in a forest
  • Come across a ferocious grizzly bear charging towards them
  • The first boy calculated that the bear will overtake them in 17.3 seconds and have no chance of escape
  • The second boy puts on his running shoes
  • The first says, you are crazy, you cannot outrun the bear
  • The second says, true, but all I have to do is outrun you.

Is entrepreneurship an antidote to declining funding?

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