Aug 17

Are you motivated or inspired- a test

Answer these question in Yes or No

  1. Is there a feeling of urgency and fear that if I don’t take action I’ll lose out on the reward?
  2. Are you focused on the outcome of your performance?
  3. Do you find yourself comparing your performance to your colleagues?
  4. Are you concerned about what other people might think of you if you don’t meet the stated goal?
  5. Do you experience jerky energy… times when you are bursting forward and other times when you stall out?
  6. Do you “should on” yourself? Do you ever say, “I know I should be working on that project, but …”
  7. Do you waste a lot of time feeling guilty?
  8. Do you achieve goals and then wonder what the point of it was?
  9. Do you sometimes feel like you have to wear a mask or recite a script to be what others think you should be?
  10. Does fear keep you from taking risks or speaking the truth?

If you answer yes to many of these questions, you may be relying too much on old fashioned motivation…

Answer these question in Yes or No

  1. Do you feel a strong sense of purpose and clarity?
  2. Do you start the day with intent, eager and excited to face the challenges that lie ahead?
  3. Do you believe in your potential and the value of your contribution?
  4. Do you know that you have something unique to offer the world and are open to discover new ways to continue contributing wherever you show up?
  5. Do you avoid comparing yourself with others and know that your path is unique to you?  6.  Do you revel in the process, not getting caught up in outcomes or payoffs, seeing them more as just the icing on the cake?
  6. Do you love learning?
  7. Do you take the time to be reflective about your life path and who you are becoming?
  8. Do you have a personal positioning statement or Who Am I statement that keeps you on track?
  9. Do people know what you stand for?
  10. Do you have ways to hold yourself accountable?
  11. Are you filled with gratitude for the endless opportunities and gifts of life?
  12. Are you fully alive?!

If you answer yes to many of these questions … you are truly inspired!

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