Aug 17

Is Inspiration the Motivation? Does it matters?

Motivation – to provide a motive, to induce, incite, impel
Inspiration – to breathe life into, to arouse someone else, particularly to arouse something animating inside them or to enliven.

As leaders we assume that our role is to motivate others to achieve something, to reach a desired goal, or produce something. Our main focus becomes getting people to “do things.” Leaders are providing a motive to take action. Motivation takes advantage of position power to entice people to do whatever is required in order to avoid punishment or receive a reward. We have all experienced leadership that feels mechanical and sterile or even controlling and manipulative. It makes me want to cry out, “Why do you think that matters to me?” and “How much do you think that matters to me?!” Motivation may lead to cynicism as people experience being rewarded to do things that serve the leader’s best interest more than their own. Many leaders have avoided these pitfalls by taking a deep interest in people as individuals and seeing themselves as partners in their growth. Inspiration, is all about mentoring and helping others to move toward their potential.

Inspiration is a galvanizing energy that encourages another person to be real and contribute their best. It is an invitation to offer their passion, to make their time count and to add real value. It is big.

Inspiration infuses others with life, energy and passion. Leaders who have mastered all the motivation techniques may wonder why people still don’t seem fully alive at work and why they need to continually prod them along. Inspiring leaders are “fascinated by human potential, excited by individual creativity and unwaveringly committed to holding others as grand and capable.” (Coaches Training Institute) Leaders who inspire have the ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in pursuit of some common goal. They get a kick out of watching people grow and develop and add huge value.

  • Inspirational Leaders “Show Up”
  • Inspirational Leaders Stand for Something

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