Mar 12

Video editing with extra dimension

pinnacleI am editing videos from childhood as my brother was professional videographer. I edited many professional videos with my brother. It was my hobby which gave me an identification in my locality and college. adobe primer, pinnacle, roxio ….. were my editing tools. Many professionals came to  me to learn the editing, I taught them in return of launch money he he he.

As time past by, my career became my priority and my hobby mixed into dust.

Recently I had to edit my wedding videos. I went through all my weapon in my Quiver. The professional video editing tools now a days are hard to find and they are bulky in size and memory. Despite I used Pinnacle ultimate studio (excellent video editing tool). It took days to edit one hour video. Addition of animation, color correction, anti-shake …. in videos shook my patience. The laptop usually gives 4 hours battery backup in normal use but while editing and decoding it only gives 50 min backup. The load shedding and poor inverter backup gave me headache. Then I went to my old school of editing, my windows movie maker.

Movie maker is simple and fast video editing tool in every windows. It does not allow to edit video in deeper level and does not allow to export movie apart of WMV format. Then I started to search an application to convert WMV int mp4.

Luckily I had to share my wedding videos with my brother in law who is working in Japan. Then I uploaded my video in YouTube since it gives free space in cloud. After uploading my video, YouTube said the video is shaky would you like to fix it?

After that I explored additional editing features of YouTube. magic fix is my favorite feature. I recommend all to try it out. The cloud computing power of Google is amazing and its absolutely free. After enhancing my videos I downloaded the video and compared with the video edited in Pinnacle. The video in YouTube is way better then video edited in Pinnacle.

Here goes my story. Use Google product, they are amazing if you are not concerned about your privacy.


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