Apr 27

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage and the cloud computing are the trends these days. Lots of company are investing heavily on these facilities. Chrome book brought the concept of cloud computing and cloud storage in lap top. Recently I was using different cloud storage services like sugar sync, drop box, sky drive, Ubuntu, Google drive etc. Among all these service, I found the following to have a look

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Browser for Sky Drive
  3. Google drive

The browser of sky drive is the service provided by Microsoft associated with Hotmail. It easy to use interface browsing facility and easy upload button make you feel using Microsoft product on your mobile. With 25 GB storage capacity Microsoft is strongly presenting its dominance in cloud market. It only allows to upload photos  and documents to sky drive. It doesn’t have synchronization option.

Ubuntu and Google drive has same features. Both are cloud storage services with sync option with local computing devices. So that If you share any file to these services it automatically synchronize with all the connected local computing devices.

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