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How to be smart being wrong

Whoever said, “Fail often, fail fast, fail cheap,” has my respect.

One challenge, however, is organizational expectations. Some within your organization have a low tolerance for failure.

Ken Cooper

Look at the people who are called dumb. Look at the people who are called stupid or shortsighted. You know, there are an awfully lot of stupid, very successful people. And there are a lot of smart failures. So it’s always amazed me how we define smart. I always fall back on common sense. Common sense to me is something that really can’t be taught. It’s born of experience; it’s born of innate intelligence. It has nothing to do with education. Some of the greatest wisdom in human history has come from people who never set foot inside a classroom. But they had certain life experiences that taught them things. They read certain things that taught them things, of course.

Negativity is the quality to enhance and empower the positive side within you.   It doesn’t mean to be wrong all time, being wrong should be like pickle during meal, small in volume but it’s intense and influence makes the meal delicious. One can’t plan being wrong. Being wrong oneself opens the door for others to be smart. But if it’s being made smartly the scenario may be different.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

- Albert Einstein

Smart mistake-making:

  1. Watch for paralyzing frustration.
  2. Measure progress
  3. Enjoy new self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  4. Spend more time learning from mistakes and less time preventing them.
  5. Correct foolish mistake-making caused by neglect or misplaced urgency.
  6. When possible, make mistakes on low profile activities.
  7. Don’t tell other you’re making mistakes; say you’re perfecting.
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