Aug 16

The Art of Asking Questions

•  Avoid Complexity: use simple, conversational language
•  Avoid leading and loaded questions
•  Avoid ambiguous questiions: be as specific as possible
•  Avoid double-barreled questions
•  Avoid making assumptions
•  Avoid negative questions

Leading question

A question that suggests or implies a certain answer.


The bandwagon effect
e.g. Most Saudis have stopped eating junk food. Do you eat junk food?
Partially mentioning some alternatives
e.g. which fast food restaurant do you prefer, Well food or others?
Loaded Question
A question that is designed to suggest a socially desirable answer. Usually it is emotionally charged.


• Choice of words; e.g. using emotionally-charged words, such as in:

Example: In your opinion is it fair that the Security Dept should be harassing students with parking tickets?


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