Aug 14

Reducing Job-Related Stress

Sources of Job-Related Stress

According to a study by Lluminari, four factors have a major influence on employee stress:

  • High demand: having too much to do in a short time
  • High effort: having to expand too much mental or physical energy over too long a period
  • Low control: having too little influence over the way a job is done on a day-to-day basis
  • Low reward: receiving inadequate feedback on performance and no recognition for a job well done

Tips to reduce job-related stress

  • Build rewarding relationships with co-workers
  • Talk openly with managers or employees about job or personal concerns
  • Prepare for the future by keeping abreast of likely changes in job demands
  • Don’t greatly exceed your skills and abilities
  • Set realistic deadlines; negotiate reasonable deadlines with managers
  • Act now on problems or concerns of importance
  • Designate dedicated work periods during which time interruptions are avoided
  • When feeling stressed, find time for  detachment or relaxation
  • Don’t let trivial items take on importance; handle them quickly or assign them to others
  • Take short breaks from your work area as a change of pace
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