Aug 11

Questionnaire- “Data collection tool”

What is a questionnaire?

  • An instrument (form) to
    • collect answers to questions
    •  collect factual data
  •  gathers information or measures
  • A series of written questions/items in a fixed, rational order

Decisions in Questionnaire Design:

  1. What should be the title of my survey?
  2. How do I introduce my topic? Do I need a cover letter?
  3. What instructions do I provide the respondent?
  4. What should be asked?
  5. How should each question be phrased?
  6. In what sequence should the questions be arranged?
  7. What questionnaire layout will best serve the research objectives?
  8. How should the questionnaire be pretested?
  9. Does the questionnaire need to be revised?

What Should be Asked:

What to ask in questionnaire depends on:

1.The research problem definition/objectives
2.The communication medium to be used – E.g. some questions cannot be asked in personal interviews
  •  The type of statistical analysis to be performed – E.g. if you plan to do regression analysis, you may need to ask about, say, overall evaluations to use as dependent variable
  • Questionnaire relevance
    • ask only questions that are relevant to the research objective.
    • Be careful not to leave out needed variables
    • Don’t forget demographics and psychographics
  • Questionnaire accuracy
    • ask only questions that will provide accurate information.
    • Information is reliable and valid.
    • Question wording is critical to reduce error and increase accuracy.


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