Aug 11

“DISAPPEAR” a tool of Leader

If Leader need to be permanently present, Leader is not doing job properly. He/she is really showing people that he/she don’t trust them, that he/she isn’t prepared to train them to do job.

Too many bosses demotivate their people by being there all the time, interfering and getting in the way of an effective operation. When they are around they think they have to do something and often do things that are unnecessary.

Ensure that periodically free oneself up from the workplace.

There are hundreds of little opportunities one can seize if one really want to get away and give the team a chance to show what they are made of. The following are some examples:

Disappear by:
✔ Putting yourself on a top-rate training program.
✔ Paying a visit to the outer reaches of the empire.
✔ Taking a secondment to internal audit.
✔ Going for a very long walk.
✔ Sitting on outside bodies (but not in the park or on the beach!).
✔ Doing charity work.
✔ Mystery shopping all your competitors.
✔ Taking a sabbatical to study “methods of iconic motivation.

The point is: ‘A team cannot remain permanently motivated when the boss is permanently around.

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