Nov 30

How to root android devices

It took a week to crack android operating system and finally able to root the my android device. My experience may shorten the time of those who are trying to root android device. But hey! the RISK is all yours.
I have tried almost all tools I have goggled and turned my phone into a dump yard. What scared me that it slowed down the device and system took almost all CPU processing. Although I tried my best and achieve it at last.

According to my survey, these three tools can root android phone. There may be lot more as well
1. Z4root.apk
2. SuperOneClick

  • Download the root files here
  • Enable usb debugging mode by going to settings>applications>developer
  • Extract root.rar to safe place like desktop
  • Go to ADB folder , if you are on window 7 run cmd7.exe  OR  if you are using Windows xp then run cmdXP.exe .
  • After starting cmd7 or cmdXP, type following commands
    •  “adb devices” then “adb shell” (symbol will change to $ or #) and type “echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf
    • After doing this, Reboot your phone
    • Now go to root folder on desktop again, and start SuperOneClick.exe
    • Select GingerBreak method and press root button
    • Wait few seconds and its done.

3. GingerBreak-v1.20.apk

It has no hard and fast rule. These tool may not work in all device. But according to my experience, for LG Optimus, one second option has clicked.
The step is as follows:
1. Download GingerBreak-v1.20.apk
2. upload in SD card
3. Install it
4. the system will reboot
5. open the application GingerBreak
6. click the root device
7. enjoy the power of super user in your phone

Initially I rooted my phone to install font and Unicode support. I have copied fonts in /system/fonts root explorer. still the system is not identifying it. well I will get back into font support as soon possible. and other advantages will we covered as well.
Advantages of rooting phone:
1. Performance Update
2. Hardware/Software Interaction
3. APPS2Sd
4. WIFI AND Bluetooth Tethering
5. APPS From other builds

Some snaps of rooting the device:

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